The Serenity Home Care Manifesto

It starts with a belief that every life should be celebrated,
that the elderly have contributed their greatness
and have earned the right to their dignity.

It demands respect for people
regardless of physical or mental frailty.

It thrives on love. That’s not a word that gets used in business,
it’s not even a word that business is comfortable with
but then we are not like other businesses.

It requires compassion, patience, kindness and selflessness.

It’s leadership that listens, that embraces innovation
and is uncomfortably transparent.

We reject the idea that loss of dignity, loneliness
and disengagement are part of aging.

We believe that people are more important than profit.

We are Serenity Home Care—we transform lives.

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2020 Best of Home Care Employer of Choice Award
2020 Best of Home Care Leader in Excellence
220 Best of Home Care Provider of Choice Award