Appointment Companionship

Serenity Home Care caregivers are here to make the best of every moment for your loved one. Keeping medical appointments are a necessity in maintaining senior health and safety. Unfortunately, without the proper transportation and support, your loved one may be left exposed and vulnerable.


This is especially true if your loved one has medical issues such as weakness, poor balance, unsteady gait, forgetfulness or dementia.  In addition, your loved one may be uncomfortable, nervous or even afraid about going alone to appointments alone.


However, it is still possible to help your loved one get appropriate medical care and support by hiring Serenity Home Care. Our caregivers become trusted friends who provide the physical and psychological safety required to help keep appointments and protect your loved one’s well being.

Frequently Requested Activities

  • Encouragement to keep dentist appointments

  • Support during medical appointments

  • Safe transportation to and from appointments

  • Coordinate follow-up treatment and travel

  • Transportation with pets to vet


We Transform Lives with Companion Care

Your loved one’s life will transform with companionship. Companionship provides security, warmth, a sense of self-worth and frequent confirmation that we are of value to others. Having a loving and dedicated friend is often a lifeline for anyone who no longer has the energy, motivation, or physical well-being to comfortably go to appointments alone. Serenity Home Care companions offer love, respect, and care for your loved one when going to any appointment.


However, seniors aren’t the only lives that transform by this type of care. Family caregivers also find respite, relief, and peace of mind by hiring a loving, accepting and understanding care companion for their loved one.


And it’s why we guarantee it: Love your visit or it’s free.


Starting with Companion Care

Starting is easy with Serenity Home Care.  The first step is to coordinate an initial meeting, which we can do in the comfort of your loved one’s home. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation elderly companion care assessment for your loved one.

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