How We Introduce Our Services to a Senior and Their Family

Posted by Erin Broughton on July 14, 2021

First impressions are everything. That’s why we send our experienced client care coordinator to do in-home assessments. Our in-home assessment creates a specific care plan for you or your loved one. It covers:

  1. Level of care

  • Some clients may only need companionship and assistance to appointments and with errands. Others require assistance with personal care, medication reminders, and getting ready for the day. Our care coordinator will ask you about your daily routine and help pinpoint areas within the routine that you are finding challenging. 

  1. Frequency of care

  • In-home assessments also help us to understand how many hours a week you need care. From 3 hours a week or 24 hours a day, we can be there. We want to set up a regular schedule that fits into your lives. Or planning a vacation? We can provide short term care for your loved one while you are away

  1. Personality 

  • Meeting in person gives our client coordinator an idea of your personality. Some questions will be asked regarding your hobbies, likes and dislikes. We include this so we can match our clients with the appropriate caregiver. Ideally someone they can feel comfortable with and may share the same interests. 

  1. Information for caregivers

  • When we send our caregivers to clients we want to make sure they have ample information about the household. Information such as clients who use walkers, assistive technologies or lifts in the bedroom or bathroom. 

After the initial inquiry the in-home assessment is a chance to meet our client coordinator and get you or your loved one accustomed to home care. Care plans are never set in stone, we understand your needs can change quickly and we’re always ready to accommodate. 

Give us a call today at (250) 590-8098 for your FREE in-home assessment. 



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